Freedom leader of oil workers Nurbek Kuchakbaev!

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Freedom leader of oil workers Nurbek Kuchakbaev!Statement
Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan,
Kazakhstan workers ‘ Union «Zhanartu»

The political Council of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstan workers ‘ Union «Zhanartu» calls upon all trade unions and left-wing organizations to support the sentenced to 2.5 years in prison workshop leader oil Nurbek Kuchakbaev. He was sentenced April 7 in Astana on charges of public calls to carrying out «illegal strikes» under article 402, part 2 of the Penal Code of Kazakhstan and in addition to the term awarded to pay a fine in favor of the employer in the amount of 25 million tenge (about 75 thousand dollars).

This public cruelty of the Deputy Chairman of the Confederation of Independent trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (CNPRK) Nurbek Kuchakbaev conducted to suppress the resistance of the oil companies of Mangistau region and members of the Union «Oil Construction Company», which is from 5 to 20 January led a hunger strike in protest against the elimination CNPRK. 20 January Nurbek Kuchakbaev and the Chairman of the Union «Oil Construction Company» Amin Yeleussinov were arrested and handcuffed on the plane were taken to the prison of the capital.

January 21, was arrested and sealed the office of the Union, and dozens of activists were dismissed and they were awarded major penalties for participating in «illegal strike», which allegedly caused damage to the company. This repression is aimed in general against the whole workers movement of Kazakhstan, as it was first used unheard of the norm, the punishment for appeals to participate in «an illegal strike», and also passed the courts that have recognized the mass hunger strike «illegal».

Now any performance of the workers in the form of strikes or even hunger strikes will be punished with imprisonment, huge fines and dismissals! This is done for the sake primarily of the mining corporations that in a situation of depreciation of the national currency is going to increase the standards of operation, and the curtailment of social guarantees and benefits. Now the growth of profits of foreign and local companies is provided through the repression against trade Union activists.

The purpose of these cruel reprisals is the destruction of the organized labor movement in the country, preventing the formation of the future of independent class trade unions, the development of methods of suppressing strikes and a climate of fear among workers. For the authorities and employers it is also important to show to all oil workers in Western Kazakhstan that the new strike will be severely punished, and the leaders are subject to arrest. This is largely dictated by the fear of the upper before the new Zhanaozen.

These persecutions were the result of adoption in 2014 of the new law «On trade unions», whose norms recognized by the International Labour Organization (ILO) irrelevant to many pacts and agreements, the adoption of the Labour Code antisabotage in 2015 year, as well as articles of the Criminal Code, which criminalizes organizing and participating in strikes, calls for it and also for inciting social discord.

The next trial will take place over the Chairman of the Union «Oil Construction Company» Amin Eleusinium, which will try to break in prison Astana, demanding a confession and public repentance. The verdict over Nurbek Kurakbaev is a method of pressure on Amin Yeleussinov.

In this situation, as in the case of defenders of the earth Max Bakaev and Talgat Ayan, sentenced to five years in prison, the main political motivation of all judicial decisions and to pave the way for the release of trade unionists can only be a massive and widespread campaign of solidarity. The duty of the workers activists and oil workers of Kazakhstan to stand up and fight for the liberation of their comrades, and of trade unions, workers ‘ parties and organizations around the world to speak out in defense of convicted Nurbek Kurakbaev!

We demand from the authorities of Kazakhstan to immediately release, to close the criminal case and acquit the arrested!
Union activity is not a crime.
The strike is not a crime.

The Political Council of The Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
The Central Committee of the Kazakhstan workers ‘ Union «Zhanartu»

10 APR 2017

Автор: Редакция от 3-05-2017, 03:39

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