On joint seminar of the Kazakhstan trade Union «Zhanartu» and WFTU in Greece

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On joint seminar of the Kazakhstan trade Union «Zhanartu» and WFTU in GreeceFrom 21 to 24 March in Athens was held a seminar organized by the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) for representatives of the Kazakhstan workers Trade Union "Zhanartu". This event was the first in a series of future events and actions for strengthening cooperation and improving the impact of WFTU in the countries of the former Soviet Central Asia.

The main topics for discussion during the meetings focused on ways of development of the working class movement in Kazakhstan in the conditions of growing crisis, anti-Union laws and repression.

On the first day (March 21) held a meeting with Secretary General of WFTU Georgios Mavrikos, where were discussed the organization of new campaigns of solidarity with the workers of our country.

George Mavrikos from his side has told about plans of development of the International Federation, about the upcoming 19th Congress of the WFTU in South Africa, the prospects of accession of new associations in different countries. Has been said about the destructive role of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), which come to an agreement with the government of Kazakhstan, accepted in its ranks the undemocratic Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, which supported the repression against striking oil workers of Zhanaozen.

It should be noted that the ITUC has completely refused to criticize the authorities of Kazakhstan in questions of Labour Law and Law on Trade Unions and now the only international trade union centre, which fundamentally opposed the adoption of the Labour Code and the Law On trade unions, the World Federation of Trade Unions. In October last year, the World Federation appealed to the oil companies of Mangistau region, supporting their struggle against anti-labour law, and sent the statement addressed to President Nazarbaev, demanding to abandon the introduction of a new Labour Code.

The delegation of the Trade Union "Zhanartu" informed Georgios Mavrikos about the persecution of Trade Union activists and leaders of the oil workers of the Mangistau region, who have suffered for the collection of tens of thousands of signatures against anti-labour of the Labour Code and in connection with the criminal case failed to come to Greece. Also detail was discussed about the pressure on the co-chair of the Trade Union "Zhanartu" Mukhtar Umbetov, when he and his family sounded repeated threats of physical violence from persons associated with the authorities and extractive companies.

Such pressure, in our view, linked with the creation of in the region of the Coordinating Council of labor collectives of Mangistau region, which unites in its ranks many independent associations, initiative groups of workers and veterans of the production. During the meeting with Georgios Mavrikos just the sides discussed issues of support to and protection of oil industry workers of the Mangistau region and prevent a repetition of the bloody events of December 2011.

The next day, March 22, in the office of the Union of builders of Greece held its second meeting, where presentations were made by the co-chair of the Trade Union "Zhanartu" Igor Kolov, who spoke on the adoption of a Law On Trade Unions and the Labour Code, as well as the representative of South-Kazakhstan branch of the "Zhanartu" association Dmitry Burminski, who gave assessment of the current state of the Trade Union Movement of Kazakhstan.

On joint seminar of the Kazakhstan trade Union «Zhanartu» and WFTU in GreeceBoth speakers agreed that a unified Trade Union movement at the moment does not exist in Kazakhstan. The government is trying to ban the remaining independent unions and to force all workers to join the state Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, headed by former akim (governor) of Karaganda region Abelgazi Kusainov. This Federation and accepted into the ranks of the ITUC, and now government and employers are doing everything to prevent the creation of new unions. However the country will have to grow a spontaneous strike movement and all attempts to control or silence the workers, is doomed to failure.

The new labor movement will certainly influence the growing world capitalist crisis, which has hit the commodities sector of the country. In addition, the government follows the path of even stricter anti-social reforms, by cutting budget allocations, eliminating benefits, while privatizing the education system and health care. Together with repressive measures and threats of devaluation and inflation, is amplified and the overexploitation of workers, which will inevitably push many workers, especially young ones, to fight for their social and political rights.

These issues, but in the global context, touched upon in her speech, Alexandra Liberi, head of the Department of information and communications WFTU. The current international crisis of capitalism has exposed the whole essence of treacherous social-democracy and compromise in the trade Union movement, which became the basis of monopolies and TNCs in the fight against the working class. She stressed that on the world stage is fierce ideological struggle between ITUC and WFTU for influence in the labor movement.

Unfortunately, during the discussion highlighted the facts of direct bribing of some business leaders of the trade unions in the CIS countries from the ITUC and the European Trade Union Confederation, seeking to impose a liberal ideology in the labor movement and to prevent the strengthening of the class oriented associations.

On 23 March, the delegation of the Trade Union "Zhanartu" met at the headquarters of PAME the Nikos Theodorakis, who heads the international Department Pan-Hellenic Fighting Front of the Working. He spoke about the struggle waged by workers in Greece against the initiatives of the government SYRIZA in the destruction of all social rights. The country planned a series of mass demonstrations and a two-day strike, which is scheduled for April. Greece, already shaken by the speech of farmers, the growth of strikes in the public sector against privatization, and growing protests from workers of private enterprises.

On joint seminar of the Kazakhstan trade Union «Zhanartu» and WFTU in GreeceLast year the police at the behest of the government arrested 35 PAME leaders, but they were released after a prison in Athens on the same day, two hours gathered more than five thousand members of the Union. At the moment PAME unites more than 800 thousand workers and employees and is the most militant trade Union center in the country. The activists didn't move during the use of tear gas during the mass demonstrations, or during periods of threats and attacks by the fascists of "Golden Dawn" and is now prepared to perform all front against Tsipras government initiatives for the abolition of laws that recognize the rights of workers.

Nikos Theodorakis in detail told about the contribution, made by PAME in the case of solidarity with the migrants who are forced to flee against the war in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and other third world countries. They are all victims of imperialism, now spreading tentacles worldwide. In this regard, PAME has been actively advocating the exit of Greece from NATO, EU and other associations, and also spoke out against the threat of fascism, racism and xenophobia, which became an instrument in the hands of the bourgeoisie against workers and all workers. PAME, in turn, together with activists of the KKE held at the time the shares and the Embassy of Kazakhstan, demanding the release of Zhanaozen oil workers and end the repression.

On joint seminar of the Kazakhstan trade Union «Zhanartu» and WFTU in GreeceOn the same day in the building of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Greece also met the delegations of the Union "Zhanartu" with the head of the International Department of the KKE Eliseos Vagenas. A number of delegates are also activists of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan - SMK, who advocate a creation-based labor movement, a party with a socialist agenda for change. The meeting discussed issues of the current status of the Communist movement in the country, where it was stated that the Communist People's Party of Kazakhstan is a product of the authorities and fully supports the socio-economic and political course of the government and of President Nazarbayev.

It was also noted that activists of SMK from the very beginning opposed the closure of the oldest and last of the opposition Communist party of Kazakhstan and called for an international campaign of protest. Eliseos Vagenas for his part, has told that made the Communist party of Greece in support of the Communist party of Kazakhstan at the international level and in the European Parliament. The participants, among whom were existing members of the Communist party, regretted the lack of any activity lately by the party leadership in their own associations. However, it was suggested that serious engagement with ordinary members of the CPK in the revival of the Communist movement in the country.

Thursday 24 March was the last session where the audience was addressed by one of the leaders of the WFTU and PAME active worker Georgios Panticos, who delivered a report on the current status of the Trade Union movement of Europe and the role played by the World Federation of trade Unions. Has genuine interest for information on joining WFTU new trade Union associations and groups.

At the moment, consist of or support the WFTU: the Trade Union of transport workers of England, the Federation of Trade unions of Cyprus, the Union of the subway of Stockholm, the Trade Union of the subway of Paris, a number of sectoral Trade unions in France and Italy, the different Unions of Spain, the Trade unions of the Czech Republic, the Union of food industry of Serbia, trade Union of transport workers of Turkey, Unions of Portugal, as well as a number of Trade unions catering, trade and telecommunications.

Georgios Panticos, also told the story of the development of WFTU in Europe, and also touched upon the activities of the European Trade Union Confederation with its centre in Brussels, which was founded in 1973 with the support of European governments and employers. Now the Confederation is funded by monopolies and it fully supports the ITUC in the conduct anti-labour policy. In practice, this is not a trade union, but agents of the authorities and employers in the labor movement for the recognition of all the anti-social reforms initiated by the authorities.

On joint seminar of the Kazakhstan trade Union «Zhanartu» and WFTU in GreeceWhen this Confederation only in France was formed 8 million unemployed, and in Greece and Spain over 50% of the working population were without work and is in a state of poverty and misery. European trade Union Confederation supported the presence of U.S. military bases in Europe, the very existence of NATO supported the bombing of Serbia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. In fact, this activity sends a yellow trade Union, Jean Claude Juncker, the high Commissioner of the EU.

In protest against the compromise and destruction of the social rights of workers, World Federation of Trade Unions has initiated in Europe annually each April 4 day of action public sector workers against privatisation. In this day of fighting the trade unions of different countries is carried out marches, strikes, rallies and actions to stop the privatization of public services, public utilities, public transport, health and education. This initiative is very relevant for Kazakhstan, where at full speed there is total privatization and destruction of social and labour rights of citizens.

The final report on this day was made by the representative of the Central Committee of the Trade Union "Zhanartu" in the Russian Federation Yuri Vinkov, who spoke about the revitalization of the ITUC and the ETUC on the territory of CIS and in particular in Russia and in Kazakhstan and expressed the necessity of strengthening the propaganda create the class oriented trade unions under the auspices of the WFTU. He gave an analysis of the destructive work of the American Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO) in the late 80-ies and 90-ies on the territory of CIS countries who took the initiative to have any so-called "free" trade unions, which in the end supported the market reforms, mass privatization and anti-social measures.

In particular, the Confederation of Free trade Unions of Kazakhstan - KSPK in 1996, has actively supported the introduction of private pension system on Chilean sample, initiated by then Prime Minister Akezhan Kazhegeldin. In subsequent KSPK leader Leonid Solomin received from the hands of Nazarbayev for such activity, a certificate of merit. Today there are new attempts to prevent shift to the left and radicalization of the labor movement through the introduction of liberal ideology into the consciousness of Trade Union activists by the representatives of the European Trade Union Confederation.

In particular, a number of sectoral trade unions, ETUC, and in particular the petrochemical trade Union and global Union of food industry workers - IUF, has done everything to not to turn around the campaign of solidarity with striking oil workers in Zhanaozen, denying them completely in support on the grounds that it allegedly "trade Union struggle". Even after the shooting of oil workers on 16 December 2011, the ITUC has made an ambiguous statement in which he urged both parties to refrain from violence and aggression, as if workers were in the hands of weapons, armored vehicles and aircraft. Final partnering ITUC with the government of Nazarbayev, was the adoption in its ranks the Trade Unions Federation of Kazakhstan headed by the former head of the Karaganda region who distinguished themselves in suppressing the uprisings of miners and metallurgists!

The delegation of the Trade Union "Zhanartu" was very pleased from these meetings, gave a number of video interviews, videotaped all the presentations and meetings, discussed with representatives of WFTU, PAME and KKE a number of issues of further cooperation and joint activities. We intend to continue to actively promote WFTU in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other republics of Central Asia, to translate and to publish materials and conduct new meetings and conferences. Also identified was a fundamental commitment of WFTU to continue the support of the class trade unions in Kazakhstan and to provide solidarity with the oil workers of Mangistau.

Information service of the Kazakh workers Trade Union "Zhanartu"


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