Kazakhstan: “KazMunaiGaz” due to the protests of oil workers refused "transformation"

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Kazakhstan: “KazMunaiGaz” due to the protests of oil workers refused "transformation"The management of the national oil company "KazMunaiGas" has cancelled the previous decision about the "transformation" of the units on the ground, which meant a strict policy optimization, the allocation of a separate companies - Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) auxiliary enterprises and their further privatization, as well as falling wages and cuts in social package for most workers. It's a real success organized resistance of oil workers!

The resistance broke the plans of the bosses

The bosses of the company gathered in Atyrau city, working behind and in violation of collective agreements, adopted the document on "transformation", did not expect such a sharp reaction on the part of oil workers. The staff of "OzenMunaiGas" even before the meeting warned in his letter that if the employers and the official trade Union will take such a step, the active struggle will inevitably lead to a massive strike and rallies even apart from the corrupt trade union.

In company "MangistauMunaiGas" (MMG), Department of transportation, and it was over a thousand people, workers almost immediately protested, organized themselves and elected their leader, and demanded payment of all unpaid bonuses. They also made an appeal to President Nazarbayev, where they expressed their outrage at the conversion of their units into a separate LLP.

Pressure groups, employers were forced to “let off steam" to agree even on extraordinary elections of the discredited leadership of the official trade Union organizations of the leading mining companies of Mangistau region. And already on June 5 the Chairman of the trade Union organization of “OzenMunaiGas” was elected one of the leaders of the months-long strike 2011 Akzhanat Aminov.
Kazakhstan: “KazMunaiGaz” due to the protests of oil workers refused "transformation"

Photo: Akzhanat Aminov in court, summer 2011

His election was a protest of the working policy of reduction, cuts and “optimization” and response to the plans of the upcoming "transformation". But two weeks after his election, Akzhanat Aminov suddenly announced his resignation. He himself, about the reasons for their resignation, the workers had not been reported, and this episode also vividly shows all the tensions of employers struggle with a mass of disgruntled oil workers.

Reasons for leaving Akzhanat Aminov may be several. First, he has a suspended sentence for organizing and participating in "mass riots". A conviction could become a lever of influence from the authorities. Secondly, he might be afraid of responsibility and pressure from the workers, as the second betrayal he would no longer forgive.

The fact is that during the arrests and trials in 2011-12, he first agreed with the charges of "inciting social hatred" on the part of trade Union lawyer Natalia Sokolova, and then during the second process, blamed all the troubles and "riots" of the head of party "Alga" Vladimir Kozlov, and has earned liberation. Now here refused the post of Chairman of the trade Union.

Success in Karazhanbas

Finally, in "OzenMunaiGas launched a new election campaign, which may lead to unexpected results. In "MangistauMunaiGas" unfortunately, the Chairman of the trade Union on June 17, was elected as the protege of the employers, which resulted from the fragmentation of the labor collective and the inability to nominate a single candidate. But that is no reason to give up, so how much is determined by the actions of the workers rated the Chairpersons of the official trade unions, and covert action team.

Conversely, in the company of JSC "KarazhanbasMunai" the company LLP "Management of technological transport and maintenance of wells" (UTT and OS) were collected all fired during the strike of oil workers in Karazhanbas, was elected Chairman hero strikes Kuanysh Sisenbaev. He was one of the first organizers of the workers at the site in may 2011 and already during a demonstration on June 5 arrested in Aktau along with dozens of his associates.
Kazakhstan: “KazMunaiGaz” due to the protests of oil workers refused "transformation"

Photo: Kuanysh Sisenbaev at the rally

In protest, he and a dozen workers have cut their stomachs directly into the police station and were subsequently prosecuted. Kuanysh Sisenbaev was sentenced to probation and forced labor. Then, after dismissal for four years he worked in the company, and got back just recently. The election of a Chairman of the trade Union was a complete surprise to employers.

The workers trade Union activists "Zanartu" and the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan congratulate Kuanysh Sisenbaev election in a team where all of the workers are veterans that heroic strike 2011! This election, encouraged the oil companies to all other companies and fields of the region and showed a shift in consciousness of the workers, who strive from the bottom to master the old trade unions.

The battle continues

Clearly, the employers decided to make some concessions and decided on "parliamentary games", allowing to hold the conference in teams, not from good life, and for fear of the development of uncontrolled movement at the bottom. Furthermore, thousands of oil workers every month left the yellow trade unions, being left to themselves. This Kazakhstan and Chinese hosts win time and cherish the hope to try to bribe or break new Union leaders.

Understand this and many of the workers, passing now through this necessary stage, gaining additional experience. The idea of forming a new unified independent class-oriented trade Union that has been recently and during a strike in 2011, has not gone anywhere. There is a constant process of self-organization, strengthening and extension of new personnel. Prohibition of independent unions after the adoption of the new law "On trade unions", also brings about changes in the fight.

The threat of full-scale strike now looming over the entire industry in a situation of permanent reductions of non-payment of bonuses, failure of a number of provisions of collective agreements and the terrible working conditions on the number of subsidiary industries. That is why the bosses of “KazMunaiGaz” and the government temporarily abandoned their plans. But it is not said that they will not try to implement them again.

Oilers offer the same bosses “KazMunaiGaz” to begin the optimization process and cuts themselves, primarily due to the elimination of many administrative structures and totally unnecessary LLP in Astana and Aktau, which is concentrated in the hundreds of highly paid employees, usually relatives of executives and senior managers.
Huge amounts of money the company spent on administrative buildings, for the purchase of cars, purchase of decommissioned equipment.

This apparent success resistance must be promoted in all extractive industries and enterprises of the country, where top managers are making similar plans cuts, wage cuts and production optimization. Bosses of companies now also froze in anticipation of the adoption of the new Labour Code, intending without a fight and bare hands to take the workers by the throat. This oil must also be prepared!

Information service of the Kazakhstan workers trade Union "Zanartu"

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