Nazarbayev and environmental disasters

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Nazarbayev and environmental disastersIn Kazakhstan, and then there are media reports and posts on social networks, telling about the ecological disasters, but they do not specify the main culprit of the tragedy and not showing the way to solve these problems. The final event was a loud mass death of saiga in different parts of the country, and the death toll is already more than a hundred thousand. Their destroyers declared Russians with their launches rockets from Baikonur ...

In addition, every year there is information about mass deaths of fish and seals in the Caspian Sea, however, in this situation, environmentalists do not even try to talk about the guilt of the foreign and especially American and European mining company involved in the development of the shelf. Oil producers are penalized if, at the minimum amount that is more than justify their unwillingness to build a treatment plant.

The mass loss of consciousness in children in the village of Berezovka West Kazakhstan region, where the enterprises are located on gas consortium of foreign companies, KPO bv., Also did not cause any reaction from the authorities, who were quick to call students malingerers. The government on that basis, as there was no proof that children were poisoned as a result of constant emission of hydrogen sulfide and other associated gases, has refused resettlement village.

A similar pattern emerged after the mass vaccination of school children against measles in Zhanaozen Mangistau region, where authorities also tried to silence the fact of hospitalization of hundreds of teenagers. And consequences can lead to disability. And then the government has tried to even pay for the treatment for some children in neighboring Uzbekistan, where the level of medical care is even lower. The main thing for officials to remove the poisoned children out of sight and out of the region ...

And Acorda and policymakers tend to create more centers of ecological disasters in different parts of the country. So recently in social networks once again an old article was published in 2010 by the construction of the Alma-Ata store the most dangerous virus in the world and in their laboratory study, which was financed by the Ministry of Defense. This property has already been built in 2013 and represents a real threat to millions of people in the densely populated region, and even in a seismic zone.

Nazarbayev and environmental disastersThis publication has caused an unprecedented boom and discussion, and many wondered where were many "environmentalists" and social activists who call themselves defenders of nature? It is understood the silence of the authorities, but the silence of many organizations grant leads to sad thoughts about their affiliation. Some activists on Facebook, led by nationalist Tayzhanov heptyl were busy, but not dangerous bacteria and viruses that can make the grave whole population.

By the way, mass death of saiga to 70 thousand heads and celebrated in the West Kazakhstan region four years ago, where there are no rocket launches, but there were large emissions of hydrogen sulfide and other gases producing companies of the same consortium KPO BV. This gas is settled and concentrated in the hollows, flood plains, ravines. Then it led to the poisoning not only the saiga, but also livestock and small animals. Someone then the fuss?

The government lied to everyone that this is due to special mites and viruses that de led to the death of tens of thousands of animals. Now the story is repeated, only on a large scale in many areas.

Or the last case of transport in Kazakhstan 18 tons of nuclear waste from Japan and the United States for storage at Ulba Metallurgical Plant in the East Kazakhstan region. In a statement released US government documents messenger Federal Register notes that uraniferous material "was originally received (a Japanese corporation) Nuclear fuel industries from nuclear fuel producers in the United States." Now she has decided to transfer its Ulba Metallurgical Plant in Ust-Kamenogorsk for processing into fuel for power reactors six Japanese companies.

Earlier, the management of Ulba Metallurgical Plant in the East Kazakhstan region has stated that he refused to extend the area to create a nuclear fuel bank. According to director of the Center for Ecological Safety Gennady Koreshkova by international standards creating a repository for uranium is prohibited in a seismically unstable region, which is considered to Eastern Kazakhstan. Again, no voices of protest from both "ecology" and among the leaders of the current psevdoparty. Quiet as a graveyard!

The whole country is turning into a dump of dangerous radioactive waste, terrible viruses and bacteria in the latrine, which merged waste from mining, ruthlessly extracted and exported by foreign companies. Moreover, all "public figures" overlooked the glaring fact that all foreign mining companies do not pay into the budget with 90s resource rents, and themselves contracts with them strictly secret!

Nazarbayev and environmental disastersThere is also a great danger in Kazakhstan, man-made disasters, which continually occur periodically in the form of the same flood-related deterioration and failure of the dilapidated hydraulic works. According to experts from nearly 500 hydraulic works, most in need of major repair and renovation, but the most important thing is that half of them are in private hands! Yes, private lakes, reservoirs, canals, for the purpose of selling water to farmers and local people have become commonplace. It is clear that the private operators are interested only in profit and not in a working condition keeping these strategic objects.

As a result, every year we see the element of flooding with the death of dozens of people, pestilence and wild animals, unknown disease, emissions and waste products of oil and gas into the air, the rivers and the Caspian Sea. The poisoning of the earth, air, water goes everywhere and constantly, as the country firmly established in the international division of labor, as a raw colony as a region of peripheral capitalism, multinational corporations plunder the active participation of Nazarbayev and his regime!

Major raw bourgeoisie, led by former Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, created this system of exploitation, oppression and destruction of habitat. Parasites are cashing in on the death of flora and fauna, to deprive future for the new generations, in the health and lives of ordinary Kazakhs. And new investment projects in the mining of prospected deposits by Chinese, American and European companies, or opening another store waste and dangerous viruses, served as a great blessing, as the pinnacle of diplomatic and economic success!

Properly approached the issue of Pavlodar residents who do not buy into the propaganda ploy of the government, and organized protests against the construction of the bottom near the regional center of the plant for processing of municipal solid waste is being built with the support of the International Bank. The campaign of protest has united thousands of people who have spent even a rally during public hearings. The protests resonated and have been highlighted even in the official media.

Nazarbayev and environmental disastersAs it turned out, that stop certain anti-national projects can only citizens themselves, organized from the bottom to their union, not the status of "Ecology" has long bought the authorities and mining companies. The same applies to the puppet parties.

But this is not enough!

Need a struggle and a mass movement for the nationalization of resources, mining, energy, all the hydraulic works under the control of workers and of society itself. This implies a rejection of the large private property, have proven ineffective and destructive, and the introduction of planning principles for the management of the national economy.

And we say:

- Oil, gas and all resources belong to the people and should be used for the benefit of millions, not billionaires!

- All contracts and secret contract for subsoil use with foreign companies should be made public and break with the arbitration process for the return of funds outstanding natural resource rents over the past ten years!

- All military training grounds, the storage of nuclear waste and dangerous viruses have to be closed immediately!

- The government, together with the public to develop a restoration plan should the infected land, water bodies, building treatment plants!

- There should be an investigation of the major environmental and technological disasters involving companies and guilty officials to justice!

But in general, to stop the deliberate killing of flora and fauna, only the destruction of capitalism and of the political system of dictatorship, tyranny and slavery, built Nazarbayev, who is a steward of foreign companies and corporations. This is the only way to achieve real independence, sovereignty, freedom and social justice in a rich country with poor people.

Ainur Kurmanov

Автор: Редакция от 17-06-2015, 10:54

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