Statement by Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan in connection with funeral events and burial Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz

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Statement by Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan in connection with funeral events and burial Comandante Fidel Castro RuzDecember 4, the people of Cuba said goodbye to its leader Fidel Castro, the inspiration and hero of the revolution. Prior to that, millions of people around the world mourned a huge loss on all the continents, believing that was left by the last great revolutionary and Communist Stormy Petrel of the twentieth century.

In contrast to the first secretaries of the Central Committee of a number of Communist parties, some of whom still live on even in power as restorers of capitalism, such as Nazarbayev, Fidel did not betray nor sell the idea of socialism, did not become an oppressor of its own people and to the last breath fought for the realization of the great task. It's worth a lot!

At the time, how these two-faced chameleons, hypocritically denouncing the cult of personality, even when life has exalted himself to the heavens, Fidel before his death was to teach these degenerates a lesson of high Communist morality and personal modesty, banning set himself after the death of monuments.

He came to power with his movement 26 of July on the career ladder within the bureaucratic intrigues of high offices, and as subversive of the existing colonial regime of a banana dictatorship, being in the service of the United States. He went against the system of imperialism and against capitalism, calling on the masses through the rebellion to exercise not only political but also a radical social revolution.

Becoming the founder of the first state with a socialist orientation in the Western Hemisphere, he gave an unprecedented impetus to the revolutionary left movement in Latin America - in the underbelly and colonial backyard of the United States, has provided selfless assistance to the guerrillas and the socialist governments of Africa in the struggle against the forces of Apartheid and Western imperialism.

The fate of Fidel inextricably linked with the fate of the Cuban revolution, which is part of the anti-colonial revolution of the second half of the twentieth century. The world revolutionary process is then paved the way for the socialist transformation path, the only sure way for the peoples of the Third World, who want to escape from centuries of slavery, underdevelopment and political dependence.

Of course, that this road, like a vector of development of the views of Fidel, Che and other Cuban revolutionaries define the Great October socialist Revolution, the experience and example of the Soviet Union, as well as a huge ideological potential of the Bolshevism laid in the 20-ies the basis of the Communist movement in Latin America.

Born eight years after the socialist revolution in Russia, Fidel, as the leading son of his people, took the ideas and methods of radical armed revolutionary overthrow of the system, as the only way of freeing the enslaved masses, as the only way to destroy the puppet regime and to resist imperialism.

So the only right thing after the advent of the "bearded" has become a reliance on the working class and the peasantry towards the destruction of the power of the oligarchic landowners and the comprador bourgeoisie, the total nationalization of property of foreign corporations and the private sector, the introduction of a system of planned economy and radical social changes.

This was the key to the incredible stability of the new regime, the Central political core of which was the Communist party of Cuba, even during the collapse of the Soviet Union and the intolerable blockade of the US and the Western world. The fact that hundreds of thousands of Cubans said goodbye to the Comandante in all the cities and the sincerity in the eyes of workers in the country, demonstrates that the masses do not intend to abandon the ideas of socialism, both in time and workers of the Soviet Union proved in the referendum of 17 March 1991 his loyalty to the chosen path.

Now the future of the socialist cause and the entire Cuban revolution is, what path will the process change inside the now wide of the Communist party of Cuba, as far as it will be powerful forces who wish profound market reforms and developing cooperation with Western imperialism, and is also interested in liberalizing the political system.

To resist the restoration of capitalism, you can not market reforms and permanent concessions, and a new revolutionary impetus can be drawn into the political life of the state, the younger generation of Communists and advanced sections of the working class, able to resist the ideas of privatization and counter-revolutionary elements are now ready to raise its head.

Despite the departure of the Comandante, who was a great moral bulwark against reaction in Cuba, and a beacon of hope of the masses in the world, has not lost faith in the socialist way of development, his example and successful experience will inspire the revolutionary exploits of the new generation of fighters, those who will raise the banner of communism in the near future.

Especially bright face of Fidel, along with Che, will call for action to organize a coup those who will be prepared to challenge capitalism and the rotten dictatorial regimes in the countries of the former USSR. Therefore, none of the current presidents of the CIS countries, the political heirs of Batista, and did not attend the farewell to a great revolutionary, as the epigones of the counter-revolution and the restoration of the fear of the shadow commander and the ideas of popular uprising and armed struggle.

After Fidel, we are the descendants of the Bolsheviks, should publicly say and inscribe on their banners – "Socialism or death!"

The Political council of the Socialist Movement Kazakhstan

4 December, 2016

Автор: Редакция от 6-12-2016, 02:16

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